The laboratory department manages all the tests efficiently and global standards and performs more than 2,000 examinations in various fields and contains the following sections:
- Pathology section: The whole tissue investigation.
- Bacteriology and blood diseases section.
- Parasitology section.
- Chemistry and hormones section.
- Viruses and Immunology section.
El-Araby hospital featuring lab since its inception provides the level of intensive care and providing laboratory services as follows:
- Blood bank services, including the provision of platelets using apheresis device.
- The total number of tests and qualitative blood cells and accurate diagnosis of bone marrow disease.
- Analysis special services tissues and tumors.
- The work of all analyzes detects bacteria, fungi and the suitable antibiotic by sensitivity test.
- Analysis of viruses by the most accurate apparatus in the world.
- Chemical analysis services including the measurement of ions in the blood and also blood gases.
- Hormonal disturbance and early detection of tumors by tumor markers.
- Analysis therapeutic drugs level and drug addiction.
- Precision refers to serological various interactions and also to interact immune fluorescence and all the required tests in the diagnosis of bacterial diseases.
- The latest equipment and devices quality control under the supervision of university professors.